Friday, January 18, 2008

We are family...almost

Well. In reality, we are family. The wife and kids have been with me since last May. We're going through the adoption process for everybody now which is exciting. The lawyer I hired thinks that it will take about three months to complete the entire process. I'm really happy that this is finally happening. A lawyer I spoke with earlier said they'd need to be in the country at least six months to start the process which is why I was waiting on doing this, but this lawyer says it could have been done at any time. Oh well. At least we're moving forward. I'm so glad we've got the ball rolling on this now.

Fighting the man

Ugh. I hate immigration craziness. People want to give certain folks who came to and are staying in the US illegally a free ride to become legal. Here I am having the marriage between my wife and myself contested by immigration which is costing me into the thousands. This is just nuts! On a positive note, the lawyer I hired to help out says the kids can be adopted which is contrary to what I was told earlier. She wants to use this to reinforce the point that the marriage is indeed legitimate. Take that, USCIS!