Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Slip, slide, and away...

Somebody in one of the forums I follow posted a series of photos using a site called slide ( Its kinda neat in that you can have it set up a slide ticker based off of any RSS feed. It will scroll whatever photos it finds across a browser with typical tape-deck controls. I did a little test with Flickr just to see how it worked. It looks like that pulls the newest 10 photos from the site. It can also store photos locally as well. However, the slide show feature Flickr offers directly has a few more bells and whistles that make it a bit nicer. One nifty feature that the Flickr variant has is that you can click on the current picture in order to stop the show and get details on a given photo which is kinda nice. I need to update quite a few photo descriptions to reflect the content of the pictures I've got posted, but other than that it looks good. I've added a link for the show over to the left.