Friday, November 17, 2006

Roller Coaster Ride

I just got back from my latest trip to the PI. The trip had its ups and downs, but all-in-all it was decent. I arrived there on Oct. 27 and found Rizza collapsed on the floor in the house. We rushed her to the hospital and she recovered shortly afterwards. It turns out her hemocrit level was low again. She knows what she needs to do to make sure that doesn't happen. Its just that she doesn't always do it. Rizza was feeling nauseous the next day in the morning, but started feeling better later that afternoon. I dunno why, but I ended up having problems keeping food down and my shorts up (loose bowel movements problems) shortly afterwards for about two days. Everything pretty much settled down after that in terms of being sick.

We had a pretty decent time together nonetheless. We went to Batangas to her ninong's (godfather's) house and to her Uncle Santi's house for a bit of a family reunion. Kaye's birthday was a few days afterwards. I've got pictures from the occasion at We also went to Baguio together with Kaye which was okay although a bit rainy and cold. We were there with some of her relatives to visit her cousin at the Philippine Military Academy. He's a sharp kid. He was able to get in on a scholarship and is majoring in civil engineering. He was taking part in a recognition ceremony for the freshmen who were moving up to being sophmores. I'll post pictures from that shortly.